May 6, 2014

Lamadoro and Yali

Lamadoro Primitivo Puglia Igt 2012 

On the top of my Best of Italy list (even though I haven't been there yet)

A rich and vivid shade of red with a beautiful acidy aroma with hints of herbs.

It has a really nice fresh and lively taste but not overwhelmingly heavy.

I could probably finish the whole bottle (but I won't), since the finish is really nice and warm. I would like to try and pair it with some red meat or aged manchego because I want something sharp with a different texture to go with this.

This was my ultimate favourite for the longest time not just because it's so hard to find a bottle here but because it's something I can bring out and enjoy during a dinner with friends.

Yali Merlot 2012 

I can go on and on and on about the nose of this wine. The mix of grapes and cherries with a peppery and woodsy aroma is so nice. The fruits are softer and the spices complement that perfectly. I also smell a hint of chocolate and tobacco.

If Snow White had a drink, this would be it.

It has a beautiful ruby red colour. I cannot understand it doesn't have a purplish red hue like the other bottles of merlot. It's full-bodied and like velvet on the palate. Ripe tannins give it that dry entrance and smooth, elegant end.

This was the second bottle for the night. The good thing about it is that I enjoyed this more (best for last and all that) but too bad since I can't appreciate it as it is because I kept on comparing it to Lamadoro.

We prepared a cheese board, bread, charcuterie, and ribs in the living room (to show some love for our new leather couch).

I wish we had mushroom risotto, aged-cheese, or even some lamb curry (don't judge) for dinner since I think these would be perfect with the wine.

The best thing on the boards (to be paired with the wine) would be the sausage since it has a slight smoky and spicy flavour. Also, CHEESE with TRUFFLE is the BEST! It is smooth and creamy with a delicious savoury flavour of truffle. Not really made to complement either wines but it is just so good!

'Twas another lovely night with delicious food, good wine, and my gorgeous family.