March 18, 2014

Sol de Chile Merlot 2011

Last night, I was in the mood to drink something easier (but with great character, of course). I'm completely biased with red wine from Europe (especially Spain) just because they're my first love but I know I could be knocked out after a glass since I had an exhausting day. I really didn't need that. Decided to try out something different from SA. 

Different is definitely good.

Sol De Chile Merlot 2011

First off, the color is just gorgeous! Not too deep but almost like velvet. Like little girls singing Whitney Houston songs. Beautiful! Not the most intense voice but you want to listen again, you get me? 

It is smooth and fruity but also has an earthy tone. There's a bit of bitterness and some bite but nothing really harsh or sharp. I deemed it worthy to linger on my tongue for a little while longer. 

Made an odd pair for tonight. Ate some truffle noir cheese, walnuts, bread, and raisins. Wish I had some ham slices or manchego for this. I would be glad for any kind of hard cheese or something with a sharper taste. That would be perfect! 

Lovely red wine last night to just relax after a tiring day <3 

oh, Merlot! ;)

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