June 28, 2014

Leopard's Leap Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 South Africa

Leopard's Leap Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
Leopard's Leap Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 South Africa

First taste of South Africa and it was awesome!

I didn't plan on drinking last night (opted for a green tea latte instead) since I was so tired after the first week of the semester. Then I found some pine nuts and raisins in the pantry and manchego in the fridge. Some serious cravings needed to be curbed but those things obviously don't go well with my 140 peso ($3) beverage.

Primed by my sweet and relatively-cheaper drink served in a to-go cup, 
I was put in the mood for something richer and velvety that evening. Light and fruity won't do for my tired-but-not-really-sleepy, feeling-kind-of-sentimental, and still-craving-for-a-good-night-in-dreamland after hours self.

So we opened a bottle. Naturally.

Cheese plate with nuts and raisins
Just by looking at it...I know I'll be getting the FULL experience. Such a gorgeous deep shade of red for wine that's unlike any other I've seen. I was pathetically enchanted by it being poured in the glass. It sits so well, like the obedient no-fool's drink it is and it made me think that I might not finish the first glass (which I shamefully did). No holds-back, aromatic, woodsy, mature and expertly blended red wine. And the spices did wonders. That was so lovely! I wouldn't say it was super strong and also acidic but it made me an impression. I'm a sucker for a big, dream-worthy finish but I think I'm totally okay if it didn't end. Not too heavy and tangy in my mouth. I wish I could've saved this for dinner since the wine was a bit overpowering with only a small (made from leftovers) cheese plate. I bet pairing this with a nice steak or lamb chops would be divine (so manly/heavy though, maybe mushroom risotto and duck breast or candied walnuts and hard/sharp cheese).

Honestly, I barely finished my first glass but it was still heavenly. Rich and elegant. Just what I ordered. Discovered something new ♥South African wines, can't wait for more! Next time though, I'll make sure I'm not that sleepy.

May 6, 2014

Lamadoro and Yali

Lamadoro Primitivo Puglia Igt 2012 

On the top of my Best of Italy list (even though I haven't been there yet)

A rich and vivid shade of red with a beautiful acidy aroma with hints of herbs.

It has a really nice fresh and lively taste but not overwhelmingly heavy.

I could probably finish the whole bottle (but I won't), since the finish is really nice and warm. I would like to try and pair it with some red meat or aged manchego because I want something sharp with a different texture to go with this.

This was my ultimate favourite for the longest time not just because it's so hard to find a bottle here but because it's something I can bring out and enjoy during a dinner with friends.

Yali Merlot 2012 

I can go on and on and on about the nose of this wine. The mix of grapes and cherries with a peppery and woodsy aroma is so nice. The fruits are softer and the spices complement that perfectly. I also smell a hint of chocolate and tobacco.

If Snow White had a drink, this would be it.

It has a beautiful ruby red colour. I cannot understand it doesn't have a purplish red hue like the other bottles of merlot. It's full-bodied and like velvet on the palate. Ripe tannins give it that dry entrance and smooth, elegant end.

This was the second bottle for the night. The good thing about it is that I enjoyed this more (best for last and all that) but too bad since I can't appreciate it as it is because I kept on comparing it to Lamadoro.

We prepared a cheese board, bread, charcuterie, and ribs in the living room (to show some love for our new leather couch).

I wish we had mushroom risotto, aged-cheese, or even some lamb curry (don't judge) for dinner since I think these would be perfect with the wine.

The best thing on the boards (to be paired with the wine) would be the sausage since it has a slight smoky and spicy flavour. Also, CHEESE with TRUFFLE is the BEST! It is smooth and creamy with a delicious savoury flavour of truffle. Not really made to complement either wines but it is just so good!

'Twas another lovely night with delicious food, good wine, and my gorgeous family.


March 24, 2014

Three cheers!

I didn't finish all of these. 

The Charcuterie Board + Cheese + Nuts + Bruschetta 

I had the loveliest evening.
Sunday night family dinner!


Started off with this one.

Fell in love with the deep red color. So nice.

One word: BALANCED

Fruity and sweet but I can detect a bit of tartness. Like  toasted cherries and grapes perhaps. It's a medium-bodied red wine with a good grip. Not-too-striking acidity but it was juicy.

Really Juicy.

I wish we could've chilled it a little, a bit cooler.


Now my sisters just loved this! They're biased with white wines but I have to agree. This is fantastic!

Just look at it. GORGEOUS.

Right from the start I knew I should expect some citrus and melon but didn't really expect it to be...mineral? Fizzy?

Should have another bottle of this for like a brunch in the garden or something like that...

My, a salad with cheese and caramelised walnuts and ham slices...

:) Happy
Last but certainly not the least! My fave for the night!


Oh, the nose.

This forever.


The only Italian wine for the night. I shall say that kind of red can only be described as seductive. Something that pleasantly surprised me is that it is very lively! A great symphony of fruits and spices! Layer upon layer of cherries and berries made it so fresh and vibrant.

This would go great with meat and even seafood!

P.S. Perfect bottle shape

March 18, 2014

Sol de Chile Merlot 2011

Last night, I was in the mood to drink something easier (but with great character, of course). I'm completely biased with red wine from Europe (especially Spain) just because they're my first love but I know I could be knocked out after a glass since I had an exhausting day. I really didn't need that. Decided to try out something different from SA. 

Different is definitely good.

Sol De Chile Merlot 2011

First off, the color is just gorgeous! Not too deep but almost like velvet. Like little girls singing Whitney Houston songs. Beautiful! Not the most intense voice but you want to listen again, you get me? 

It is smooth and fruity but also has an earthy tone. There's a bit of bitterness and some bite but nothing really harsh or sharp. I deemed it worthy to linger on my tongue for a little while longer. 

Made an odd pair for tonight. Ate some truffle noir cheese, walnuts, bread, and raisins. Wish I had some ham slices or manchego for this. I would be glad for any kind of hard cheese or something with a sharper taste. That would be perfect! 

Lovely red wine last night to just relax after a tiring day <3 

oh, Merlot! ;)